Andrew Wight

Andrew is a multi-award winning designer who specialises in strategy, customer experience, service design and business transformation. He get his kicks from seeing the disruptive effect of design thinking on organisations and entire categories. He co-organises the UX BNE community which has almost 1000 members and regularly contributes to thought-leadership events as a speaker, panelist and writer. His career has been split between London, Sydney and Brisbane where he’s focused on strategic transformation for some of the world’s biggest and most interesting organisations including Barclays, Barclaycard, Deutsche Bank and Toyota. He currently heads up the UX team at SapientNitro Brisbane.

Andrew is also an entrepreneur who recently founded a startup which is addressing the social and financial impact of how people separate and divorce. This was selected from over 100 startups for the University of Queensland’s iLab Germinate incubator.