Beyond best practice: Crafting purposefully distinct experiences

Best practice makes a great starting point but a mediocre end game. Why? It simply doesn’t create sustainable competitive advantage. For that you need to craft experiences that are not just well designed and seamless but experiences that are meaningful, purposeful, distinctive to the brand and - ultimately - transformative in your customers and employees lives. You need experiences that are purposefully distinct. An experience that is purposefully distinct is not just deliberately distinct but purposeful in a deep, meaningful and human way that is unique to the organisation that delivers it. This concept is particularly effective for more ambitious transformation projects - especially ones with multiple touchpoints and stakeholders.

This talk will cover a number of ideas and techniques that you can start using immediately to design experiences that are purposefully distinct: Using storytelling techniques to create meaning in design, innovating from brand purpose, selecting brand archetypes to complement user personas, using the Hero’s Journey structure to frame transformative human experiences and applying organising ideas to create coherence across time and touchpoints.

We’ll look at a number of recent case studies from national and global companies to illustrate each idea and technique and how they work together to create meaningful experiences.

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