Nova Franklin

Nova is a designer with over 20 years experience working with large complex organisations to help them to better understand and meet the needs of the people they impact. This includes their customers, employees or those they partner with to deliver their offerings.

Nova has been a registered Psychologist since 1994. Underpinning her approach is an understanding of human behaviour; methods designed to infect stakeholders with a sense of the possible; and techniques for designing and implementing sticky change initiatives.

Nova has worked as a principal at Meld Studios since 2014 solving design challenges with organisations such as The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation in NSW, Corrective Services NSW, the Australian Nuclear Research and Technology Organisation, the Australian Centre for Health Research, Telstra and Charter Hall. In between projects Nova spends time coaching and educating others to enable them to develop their leadership, engagement and design skills.

Presenting at UX Australia 2016:
Shaping and leading great design projects