Iain Barker

Iain has over 20 years experience in making structured use of qualitative research insights to inform business problems and opportunities.

Prior to forming Meld Studios with Steve Baty and Janna DeVylder, Iain worked in senior positions for leading advocates of user centred design including Flow Interactive, Sapient and Different.

Iain has consulted in, and advocated for, customer-centred approaches in a variety of sectors including finance, health, retail, media, education and the public sector.

Iain started his professional life as a technical writer helping people work out how to use unusable software, but quickly realised that it is better to design things correctly in the first place. He holds a degree in the slightly unusual subject of “Technical Communication” – which is part information design, part communications, part psychology and part multimedia.

Presenting at UX Australia 2016:
Shaping and leading great design projects