UX Australia 2009

When & Where

Pre-conference workshops

26 August 2009

Main Conference

27-28 August 2009


Hotel Realm, Barton (Canberra), Australia

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    UX Australia 2009 is a 3-day user experience design conference, with inspiring and practical presentations, covering a range of topics about how to design great experiences for people.

    A day of pre-conference workshops focuses on practical skills to help you get started, learn new techniques and explore ideas in detail. Two days of conference presentations provide practical skills to take away, inspire you for your next project, stretch your knowledge in a new direction or show how someone in a different field has tackled a problem just like yours. The conference encompasses many aspects of user experience design. It includes core topics such as information architecture, interaction design, information design, content, visual design & strategy as well as the design of physical objects.


    Thanks to everyone who attended UX Australia 2009. It was one awesome conference.

    What now?

    Slides are now available from individual presentation pages. Audio is available for all talks where we had permission to publish it.

    Join the UX Australia 2009 LinkedIn group (for 2009 attendees only).

    Check out flickr forĀ UX Australia photos.

    UX Australia 2010

    UX Australia 2010 will be held in Melbourne, 25-27 August at the Langham Hotel, Southbank.

    Expect a call for proposals early in the year (likely to close end March). We’ll be looking for similar things to this year, plus more from non-digital design.

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