Service Design 2016 (Canberra)

Service Design 2016 (Canberra) is two-day event all about designing great services, made up of a full-day workshop and a full-day, single track conference.

As the seat of our national government and the home to many of the agencies that deliver services to the Australian public, Canberra is a natural place to take UX Australia’s outstandingly successful Service Design conference.

Our conferences in Melbourne (2011 & 2016) and Sydney (2012) demonstrated that there is not only a high level of interest in Service Design but also a great deal of expertise that can be drawn on and shared by UX professionals.  

At the same time, we’re undergoing a revolution – a transformation of sorts – in the design and delivery of services in general, and government services in particular. Many of the methods used to deliver services to users are being questioned and reconfigured to make it easier for users to understand and access the services they want and, often, need.

For this conference, we’ve put together a program of talks that will help attendees examine, question and reconsider how they best plan and deliver services – not just government services, but also community-based and commercial.

This list of the presentation titles gives you some idea:

Add to that these talks will be given by presenters from the Customer Experience Company, Boroondara City Council, ReachOut Australia, NBN, Tobias and Tobias, PERSUIT, Meld Studios, Westpac, Thinkplace and Situ Strategy, and you can be assured this will be a day that anyone interested and involved in Service Design will find compelling, practical and inspiring.

The icing on the cake is that our keynote speaker Jess McMullin, founder of Situ Strategy and the Centre for Citizen Experience in Edmonton, Canada, will also give a full day workshop on the day before the conference proper, titled Rapid service prototyping.

“Nothing makes a bigger difference to getting a service right than making it tangible early in the design process.”

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning about service design and innovation. Please bring a notebook and pen and your sense of humour and curiosity.

Service Design 2016 (Canberra) promises to be an exciting and rare opportunity for our colleagues in the ACT to tap in to the transformations that are taking place in service design all over the country and around the world. We look forward to seeing you there.