No more stork babies: Integrating UX research and content creation

A website arrives on the client’s doorstep, gift-wrapped in a basket and complete with beautiful visual & interaction design. Attached to the basket is a note: ‘now write all the content.’ This is a stork baby: a website that is left to the client to feed, with limited support or guidance.

Content is essential for fostering good user experiences. When people come to our websites, they don’t come for the design; they come to get stuff done, and very often that depends on content:

  • Find out opening times
  • Learn about a consultation that’s underway
  • Decide which product to buy

Yet the disciplines of content creation and UX research/design are often practiced in isolation. Without dialogue, web projects can run over schedule, over-budget and all over the shop.

In this presentation, Matt will map out how to bridge the two disciplines:

  1. How to save time on your project by incorporating content into UX research.
  2. How to create content that meshes with the information architecture
  3. Tactics for testing content
  4. Communicating all this to the client

He’ll also share his templates and tactics shaped from his experience in the field as a working information architect, content strategist and copywriter.

Presentation audio