Graham Lewis

Curious designer, problem solver, innovator, illustrator, animator, happy scamper, casual game junky, and all round do-er. Nine years experience within digital agencies in Johannesburg, London and Sydney. Happy rolling up the sleeves and getting ‘on the tools’ as well as leading small teams, pitching work to clients and sharing knowledge within the team to help each other stay ahead of the curve.

A user experience designer who uses strong visual problem solving skills, in-depth design knowledge and a little sprinkle of OCD to help create balanced and enjoyable experiences whilst having fun along the way. Excited about the future of design and where things are going in the service design space. Love the idea of Living Services and the evolution of UI to compliment the ever changing and more accessible technologies.

An unhealthy passion for game innovation and design. Published countless casual games for brands such as Miniclip, Disney, Xbox, Marvel, League of Legends, Roadshow Films and SMG. Co-Founder of - a fun loving brand that creates digital toys for kids. Our first toy released on the 3rd of June and is available on the Apple and Google Play Stores. It’s a creative outlet or hobby that helps keep the creative juices flowing.

Passionate photographer who has attended camera courses at the Australian Centre for Photography(ACP) and video workshops at the PDV Digital Cinema. Distinction for Art in High School, 2006 SABS Design Achiever, runner up at the Caxton Cadets and a BA Degree in multimedia. South African, loves surfing, traveling and playing chess.

Presenting at UX Australia 2016:
Down with the kids