Moving the digital frontier: Transforming a large enterprise to be customer centric

It seems like everyone is talking about CX and UX nowadays - and some of Australia and the World’s biggest companies are getting in on it. Especially the banks and large multinationals - see Adaptive Path being acquired by Capital One and Fjord by Accenture.

Whatsmore some of the world’s leading digital talent is being attracted in to these new digital functions – the Head of Digital for ANZ was formally the MD of Google Australia. Insourcing is, arguably, the new black.

So, what’s it like to work in these hothouses and what does it take to make it work?

This talk reflects on period over the last 2 years at ANZ Bank where a newly created CX team replaced the entire digital experience of a Big 4 Bank (and one of Australia’s top 5 companies) whilst introducing a new team, methods & culture along the way.

In this talk Chris Khalil will share the journey of his team, warts and all, with plenty to learn for those who are keen on seeing their team’s influence grow and shape company strategy, for those that want to understand how they can set the stage for great design to flourish in complicated environments, for those that want to be design leaders and for those that participate in a team and want to help drive it’s future success.

Presentation audio