UX Australia 2012

Keynote: The power of “Why?”

Bill DeRouchey

Designers must continually learn to survive. New technologies, new philosophies, new roles and responsibilities, new tools and methods all keep designers on their toes throughout their career. But one skill persists no matter where designer find themselves, the ability to ask Why?

Asking customers why they do what they do or believe what they believe unlocks the foundation for inspired design. Asking organizations why they follow their strategies unearths good habits or dangerous ruts. Asking our most traditional institutions why things are the way they are uncovers the potential to remake our society. Constraints, myths, assumptions and perspectives can all melt with a well-timed and well-framed Why?

Let’s apply some toddler magic to our adult careers and ask Why?


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Power of Why from Bill DeRouchey


Bill DeRouchey: The Power of Why?

The power of “Why?" - Bill DeRouchey


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