General notes

  • Pricing for UX Australia and other Australian conferences are in Australian dollars and include GST
  • Early-bird pricing closes at midnight, AEST.
  • Full time students must provide evidence of their full-time status, by emailing or faxing a copy of their student card

Payment due in 30 days or before the conference

When you register for a conference or workshop, you become liable to pay the conference or workshop fee.

All payments are due within 30 days of registration. For registrations made within 30 days of the event, payments must be made by the event date.

If you have not paid by the time the conference or workshop is held (and have not cancelled as outlined below), we will not allow you to attend the conference or workshop unless you pay at the time.

Register now, pay later

We let you book ahead and pay later – to let you get the paperwork and invoicing through your organisation.

This has led to a situation where people book tickets ‘just in case’ they want to come, then cancel at the last minute. This is problematic as by then we have paid the venue based on our ticket sales; it can be hard to re-sell the ticket a couple of days before a conference; and is unfair to people who really want to come.

If you have not paid for your ticket after 30 days, we will contact you once and give you 7 extra days to pay. If it remains unpaid, we will cancel it. You also lose the right to pay later for future conferences. You will be asked to pay immediately when you register for a future event.

Refunds & transfers

If you cancel your registration

You may cancel your conference or workshop booking up to two weeks before the start date of the event. If you do this we will refund 90% of the conference or workshop fee, using the same method as you used when you paid. We will retain 10% of the conference or workshop fee as an administration fee and to cover costs which we will have incurred because we were expecting you to attend.

If you cancel during the two weeks leading up to the start date of the event, your conference or workshop fee will not be refunded, though you may still transfer your booking to someone else.

If you transfer your registration

You may to transfer your registration for a conference or workshop to someone else by advising us in writing (email, fax or mail) at least a day ahead of the event. There will be no penalty for doing this (though the transferee won’t get a nice printed badge). We can’t accept changes on the day of the event.

No part-conference attendance

We do not sell tickets to part of a conference (e.g. for a single day of a 2-day conference). You may not transfer your conference ticket to someone for part of the conference.

All delivery is electronic

We will handle all transactions electronically. When we receive your conference or workshop registration we will send you an email that confirms your registration and includes a link to a tax invoice.

We will not send any printed confirmations (everything will be done electronically).

We will keep a record of all transactions and will be able to re-issue your confirmation details or tax invoices if you need.

If we change conference and workshop content

We will do our best to ensure conferences and workshops cover content as advertised. However, we may have to change scheduled dates, times or speakers if something unexpected happens. In this case we will notify you of the changes with as much notice as possible.

We will not be liable for any loss or damages arising from such changes.

If we cancel a conference or workshop

We hope it never happens, but we may need to cancel a conference or workshop. In this situation we will notify you as far ahead of time as possible, and will refund your conference or workshop fee.

We will not be liable for any loss or damages arising from any cancellation.

Your privacy

In the course of doing business with you, we will collect personal information, including your name, business and contact details. We will use your information only for the purpose for which you provided it. We will never give (or sell) your details to anyone (including speakers and sponsors) without your permission.


In these terms & conditions, ‘we’ refers to UX Events Pty Ltd. ‘You’ refers to the person nominated to pay for a conference or workshop booking.