We Welcome Play Academy as UX Australia Sponsor

We welcome Play Academy as sponsor for the UX Australia conference in Melbourne 8-11 August 2017.

Play Academy are specialists in Lego® Serious Play® facilitation and training, enabling humans to have some serious fun while tackling real problems, thus discovering new and creative solutions that might never have been discovered otherwise.
Play Academy facilitators and trainers have vast experience in Lego® Serious Play® in addition to Service Design, User Experience, Coaching, and NLP. These skills enable Play Academy to deliver training and facilitation that goes beyond traditional Lego® Serious Play® , augmenting it to become an even more powerful tool - especially in the Service Design space.

Play Academy's vision is to build collaborative cultures that embrace change, experimentation and compassion by facilitating collective intelligence through teaching participatory practice and an empathetic stance. 

Find out more at https://www.playacademy.com.au/.

UX Australia 2017 is a four-day day conference about everything user experience, held at Hilton Sydney from 8-11 August 2017, with two days of workshops and two days of conference presentations.

Registrations are now open.