Spotlight on: Leading human-centred organisations (workshop)

UX Australia 2018 Workshop

Leading human-centred organisations

Iain Barker, Co-founder, Meld Studios

His packed Melbourne workshop in March, as part of our Design Research 2018 conference, on how to make sure design research has real impact within an organisation, showed the depth of understanding Iain Barker has of how design organisations work best, which comes from 20 years' experience in the field. His new workshop is a very timely one that ties together two areas that are of great interest to UX professionals.

Leadership in design teams and organisations carries some specific challenges and responsibilities. Our industry is developing an understanding of the skills required in design management, as evidenced by the success of our Managing Design conference over the last three years - most recently in Sydney earlier this month.

At the same time, Human Centred Design has become a core principle and a vital part of many designers' approach to their work, seeking to ensure the real usability of digital products and interactive systems by focusing on the user perspective.

In this workshop, Iain takes participants through a human centred approach to the organisation itself, and especially its leadership, in this way "Baking human-centredness into the fabric of an organisation".

Highly recommended for "leaders, aspiring leaders and those who wish to inspire leaders to lead their organisations in more human-centred ways".

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