Managing Design 2016: Program announced


As Design grows in status towards being a critical business function for organisations of all shapes and sizes, the challenges of creating, building and managing design teams also grow. Whether you are leading an internal design team or running a design agency; team structure, engagement models with the business, culture, and professional development are all factors that affect the success of Design.

Managing Design 2016 will explore these challenges, with insight from people directly involved in the management of Design and Design's role in delivering strategic value to the business at all levels from the C-Suite down.

Speakers & Presentations

Alastair Simpson's presentation, From 6 to 106 in 4 years, takes its name from the growth in numbers of the design team at Atlassian. Currently Head of Design at Confluence, Alastair explains how the hugely successful startup  embraced design as a first class discipline and is changing to be an experience led company. 

Alison Sharp is General Manager at Meld Studios, incisevely desribed as a "creative suit". From this perspective, her presentation, How to build a sustainable design team, will address four specific challenges to be faced and strategies to meet them. 

In Building a respectful design culture in your UX team, Seek's Head of UX and Design Cameron Rogers will discuss in detail how a less-than-respectful culture of design can unintentionally evolve, touching briefly on some of the established tools, techniques, and gurus that can help you to set up your own respectful design culture, and being honest about the hard yards you, as a Design Leader, need to put in.

Anthony Quinn will draw on his 20+ years as a design leaders, most recently as Design Dierctor for Westpac, to explore in Leading design leaders the challenges that every design leader faces: dealing with the people you lead, including those who don’t ‘report’ to you in any hierarchical sense.  

Beth Hyland's presentation is called Organisation on purpose: One agency’s story of designing our work together, drawing on her experience at her multidisciplinary, collaborative, strategic design agency to excplain on what better organisation actually means.

Under the title Misalignments and connections:  managing design in a platform world, Harriet Wakelam will share five pieces of goodness that underpin her views of how design will need to be delivered in the business world.

We've also squeezed in a 20 minute presentation by Ani Patke from The Customer Experience Company, Re-designing performance management in a design firm, in which he'll recount an experiment that turned the performance management process at the company on its head.

You can read about all the presentations and speakers now, and register online


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