DiUS Joins as Sponsor for UX Australia 2017

We're very happy to welcome DiUS, another regular supporter of our events, as an event sponsor for UX Australia 2017.

DiUS is a one-stop-shop for digital product development, a Melbourne and Sydney-based technology services crew with a DNA that's cloud-first, human-powered, ‘small-a’ agile, lean and outcome focused.

The DiUS team is made up of User Experience and Visual Designers, Business Analysts, Data Spelunkers (!) as well as Software, and DevOps Engineers.

DiUS gets brought into organisations to help them grow and innovate, and they make it happen by delivering the right solution to get an idea to market, or make a business of any size more responsive.

Find out more at http://dius.com.au/.

UX Australia 2017 is a four-day day conference about everything user experience, held at Hilton Sydney from 8-11 August 2017, with two days of workshops and two days of conference presentations.

Registrations are now open.