10 Minute Talks: Service Design

Would you like to give a short presentation at Service Design 2016?

Registrations are now open for Service Design 2016, a UX Australia event comprising a full day workshop with Andy Polaine and a full day conference with a growing list of speakers addressing topics associated with Service Design.

Confirmed speakers giving full presentations include Alexandra Almond, Andy Polaine, Janine Sisson, Julie Tucker, Marie-Claire Grady, Miles Menegon and Rebecca Scott. More speakers will be announced in the leadup to the event, taking place in Melbourne on 21-22 March.

We also like to leave room for a few 10-minute talks, which are - as they sound - talks that take just 10 minutes. We usually have 3-4 of them, just after lunch.

We collect ideas for them from people who are attending the conference, and are registered by 31 January.

So, if you would like to present, please make sure you're registered by 31 January, and we'll email details on 1 Feb.

What should you talk about?

Service design is a design practice focused on the design of the interactions people have with organisations – individually and as a system – to create a service. Services, and service design projects, will often incorporate some type of physical or digital product, but are broader than the product itself.

Service design may cover the design of the front-end service (what a potential customer sees) as well as some or all of the back-end processes needed to fully realise the service. Read more about Service Design here.

Broad topics addressed at the conference include accessibility and public transport, including customer focus in a redesign of an industry regulator, using service design methodology to build a community, how experience personalisation echoes service ideas from the past, and converting customers of a service into advocates for social good.

If any of this sparks a thought that within that broad framework you have a topic you'd like to address, make sure you're registered by 31 January (for the Early Bird price of $50 off the normal cost). We will email everyone details of what to do next on 1 February.

Find out more about Service Design 2016 here.