UX New Zealand was New Zealand’s first dedicated user experience design conference.

One day of hands-on workshops focused on practical skills to help you get started, learn new techniques and explore ideas in detail. Two days of conference presentations provided practical skills to take away, inspired you for your next project, stretched your knowledge in a new direction or showed how someone in a different field has tackled a problem just like yours.

It’s a community conference

An important part of UX New Zealand was that it was a community conference. Conference speakers were drawn from the community and were chosen by the community. The conference wasn’t just about the presentations, but about meeting up, spending time talking to each other and hanging out. The conference included planned social aspects and left plenty of flexibility too.

We made a decision to have this as a proposal-based conference instead of one based on invited speakers only. We wanted to provide a place for experienced speakers and new presenters to share their ideas and work.

We asked the community to help with the selection of the conference content and to help arrange social events.

About user experience design

User experience design is the deliberate creation of an experience that a person has with something – with a website, a computer application, a gadget or a space – to deliver value to that person, and through them, to the business.

User experience design is highly multi-disciplinary. It is rarely the responsibility of one person – so much contributes to the overall experience that it is the responsibility of whole teams, and often the users of the product as well.

Who should attend

If you are in a role where your recommendations or decisions ultimately affect the way a person experiences your product, this conference is for you. You might be called one of the following, or manage them:

  • User experience designer
  • Experience architect
  • User-centred designer
  • Usability engineer
  • Information architect
  • Interaction designer
  • Interface designer
  • Writer

Or you may be a:

  • Graphic designer
  • Brand strategist
  • Market researcher
  • Communications specialist
  • Business analyst
  • Front-end website developer
  • Project manager
  • Product manager
  • Industrial designer
  • Exhibition designer

Who’s responsible

UX New Zealand was proudly run by the same team who run UX Australia.