Erick Mohr

Erick is an Associate Director at PwC’s Experience Centre in Auckland where he works at the intersection of people, design and change to help companies envision, prototype and bring products, services to market.

He is fascinated by making complex things simple, understanding behaviour, and most importantly, making things real. With over 20 years of experience across a number of roles in Brazil , the United Kingdom and New Zealand, Erick honed a set of creative and analytical skills to drive business growth. He ran projects as diverse as re-designing the check-in experience for a major airline to developing a suite of value-added services for a global logistics company.

Erick is a keen follower of the mantra ‘Don’t get ready, get started’. In a world of rapid change and technological wonder, the shortest way to great products and services is through rough and ready prototypes, one iteration at a time.

When he is not tinkering with post-it notes in the office, Erick can be found windsurfing or taking his kids for a bike ride, away from it all.