Andrew O'Loughlin

I am an Advisor in Events. An Experience Designer.

I help bring ideas to life. To invent or reinvent your event.

Bringing like-minded people together for a shared purpose, and a shared experience.

I’ve been working for 25 years in sport & entertainment events. The last 10 years as MD of an Events Agency.

I understand the opportunities and challenges for people like us. Events are inspiring, but stressful. I know the pressures on event people and event owners, the tension, the sleepless nights.

It’s a competitive world. Events are complex with many moving parts, and growing risks. Events are unique projects, with immovable deadlines. In a fast-moving world keeping the team engaged and performing is challenging. In the competitive world keeping clients happy and customers engaged is paramount. Ultimately our work is on display for the world to see and critique. And today Events need to provide greater evidence of their value, the ROI.

This all creates a high-pressure environment for event people, and we deserve some support.

So… I'm connecting people to the knowledge that has meaning, for better work, and better lives.

I’m bringing a  new approach and thinking to events in my ‘Experience Design’ methods. I help people use the power of shared experiences to capture hearts and minds. Together we can inspire people, and bring them together for a shared purpose. We can use events as a catalyst to achieve the desired goal. To create attention, action, connection, and celebration.

I try and provide the means to create life-changing experiences, the powerful moments and memorable stories.

How we live our days, is of course, how we live our lives.