Tuesday August 28 - Workshops

9am - 5pm
Leading human centered organisations - Iain Barker (AUS)
Design thinking for fun and profit - Andy Budd (UK)
Interviewing users; uncovering compelling insights - Steve Portigal (USA)
Sketching with clarity and confidence - Eva-Lotta Lamm (GERMANY)

Wednesday August 29 - Workshops & Welcome party

9am - 12.30 1.30 - 5pm
Thinking like a good ancestor; learning the language of responsible innovation - Alan Cooper (USA)
User experience research: a practical introduction - Hendrick Mueller (AUS)
Critical communication skills for designers - Nova Franklin and Karina Smith (AUS) Help me, help you; closing the feedback loop together - Samantha Soma (USA)
Foster collaboration through effective stakeholder workshops - Elena Sanchez (AUS) Mapping multi-channel eco-systems - Cornelius Rachieru (CAN)
Welcome party, Laneway at the Rialto (open to all main conference ticket holders; pick up your badge at the Grand Hyatt until 6pm)

Thursday August 30 - Day 1, Conference sessions

Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
8.00 Registration opens
8.45 Conference sessions begin - Introductions and Welcome
9.15 Opening Keynote:  Lauren Currie
10.15 Morning Tea
10.45 Zeitgeist experience; shared attributes of the worlds mega events - Andrew O'Louglin Healthcare is sick - Ash Donaldson Finding ethical design in unethical products - Chris Harrison
11.05 Onboarding for the long run - Krystal Higgins
11.30 Personal UX is the only UX that matters - Andrew Harrison Design culture (buckle up!) - Iain Barker Capitalist realism and service design - Jim McCool
11.50 Making 'sticky' design principles - Amirul Nasir Good help is easy to find - Gordon McNenney
12.20 Lunch
1.30 10 Minute Talks
2.00 Design systems and agility - Catherine Hills TV is dead! Long live TV - Molly Lafferty Designing experiences for people who want to be somewhere else - Dave Hayes
2.20 Embedding machine learning into our design practice - Larissa Azevedo How to help (when people prefer not to talk to you) - Lyle Crombie
2.45 Afternoon Tea
3.30 Stop solving problems - Steve Portigal
4.15  Closing Keynote:  Creative clarity; finding focus in the midst of ambiguity - Jon Kolko
5.15 Conference sessions complete for Day 1

Friday August 31 - Day 2, Conference sessions, Post-conference party

Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
8.45 Conference sessions begin - Welcome Back
9.00 Opening Keynote:  Can being African make you bad at design? - Farai Madzima
10.00 Visual literacy and visual fluency - Eva-Lotta Lamm
10.45 Morning Tea
11.15 Voice UX, insights from the blindside - Tim Noonan Usability testing Victoria's new trains - Alexandra Almond Designing a corporate mission control - Erick Mohr
11.35 Continuous improvement through continuous user insight - Dan Craddock
12.00 Disability as a driver of innovation in UX - Hamish McKenzie and Zoe Rose You don't need to ask that; anticipatory design - Yogesh Moorjani Keeping it real in quantitative research - Jolie Martin
12.25 Dealing with barriers to qualitative research in hospitals - Michelle Pickrell
12.45 Lunch
1.45 10 Minute Talks
2.20 The role of microcopy in UX - Richard Sison The accidental leader - Andy Budd Let's talk about the weather - Jaclyn Brown and Vicki Lane
  To write better UX copy, think like a journalist - Patrick Stafford Cultivating the conversation of digitalisation in agriculture - Cara Stitzlein and Renzo Alvarado Avanto
3.05 Afternoon Tea
3.35 Design careers in the science fiction future - Bill DeRouchey
4.20 Closing Keynote:  The Oppenheimer moment - Alan Cooper
5.20 Closing comments and thanks
5.30 - 8pm Closing party, The Residence @ The Grand Hyatt (open to all main conference ticket holders)