Leading human-centred organisations

Full day workshop, Tuesday August 28.

Organisations that are truly human centred are not only better for their customers, they are better places to work for their staff and provide vastly superior returns for their shareholders. Yet to this point many organisations have only focussed their human centred design efforts on the thin layer of interactions and touchpoints between themselves and their customers. Baking human-centredness into the fabric of an organisation is a very different activity.

This workshop is for leaders, aspiring leaders and those who wish to inspire leaders to lead their organisations in more human-centred ways.

This workshop provides an excellent introduction to the benefits of broadening your human-centredness and applying it more holistically to an organisation. Along the way, you’ll hear about common challenges and a learn a variety of practical techniques you can put in place to influence the right kind of change.

Topics covered include:

  • The organisational benefits of being human centred
  • The human-centred mindset for leaders
  • Creating a culture and living the values
  • Physical, psychological, procedural and structural barriers to becoming human-centred
  • Planning the transformation and getting started
  • Traps, pitfalls and cul-de-sacs of becoming human centred