Interviewing users: uncovering compelling insights

Full day workshop, Tuesday August 28.

Interviewing is undeniably one of the most valuable and commonly used user research tools. Yet it’s often not used well, because:

  •  It’s based on skills we think we have (talking or even listening)
  •  It’s not taught or reflected on, and
  •  People tend to “wing it” rather than develop their skills.

Results may be inaccurate or reveal nothing new, suggesting the wrong design or business responses, or they may miss the crucial nuance that points to innovative breakthrough opportunities.

We will focus on the importance of rapport-building and listening and look at techniques for both. This session will explore other contextual research methods that can be built on top of interviewing in a seamless way. We’ll also suggest practice exercises for improving people’s interviewing skills and how to engage others in the organization successfully in the interviewing experience.