Jenny Hunter

When Jenny entered the world of digital, only a few years ago, she had to learn a whole new language. But she soon realised that 20 years in marketing and comms stood her in good stead as she naturally brought a user focus to everything she did, it was just different lingo and some new tools and techniques. It didn't take long for the technical and UX folk and Jenny to realise they were made for each other - they worked magic and she helped navigate the business side of things and became the 'Chief Unblocker'.

Responsible for a web service that has grown organically over 20 years and generates 1.5 billion unique page views a year, the focus is now to take that service into a mobile-friendly, user-centred world. Jenny's been instrumental in leading the Bureau into the Twittersphere, setting up video capability and most recently delivering the Bureau's first weather app.