Alex Young

Alex Young is an experienced entrepreneur with proven expertise implementing complex multi-device app platforms. She ran a large cross-platform team (interactive TV and mobile content) for a major telco, created the world’s first PCIDSS compliant 'mobile payments' platform in 2007, as well as co-founded, a SaaS platform that enables anyone to create, share and view AR & VR content on the web on many devices.

Alex and her team have been actively involved in Mixed Reality research and development for 12 years, launching the world’s first mobile Augmented Reality content management platform back in 2009. Since then the team have been driving web standards to the point they can support Mixed Reality in the web. 

Alex has also been running Wearables Sydney for the past 4 years, a meet up that takes place 4 times a year and covers sessions on AR, VR and wearables topics.