Main conference schedule

Tuesday 8 August

Hands-on workshops

Wednesday 9 August

Hands-on workshops

6pm: Opening drinks (we'll email attendeed with details of location)

Thursday 10 August

  Ballroom B Ballroom A

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Conference opening


Opening keynote. Sharon Mackay


Morning tea


No one wants to SUX: A focus on inclusive UX techniques. Sarah Pulis

Helping participants actually participate. Lessons learned from diary studies. Cara de Ferranti

Designing self service experiences. Maish Nichani


Lumping, splitting; us and them: How not to be evil with categories. Donna Spencer

The way we think we think: Thoughts on representation and meaning. Andrew Gibson


Culturally-inclusive design. Adam Faulkner

Digital value in cultural places. Adrian Wiggins

Applying Kurt Vonnegut's 8 rules for writing to UX. Hazel Jennings



10-minute talks:

10-minute talks:


Creating journeys with a pulse. Tal Bloom

Learning UX from angry customers: Tales from lean startups. Yuan Wang
2:10 The UX of mixed reality. Alex Young

Fit and finish: The importance of presentation value to UX deliverables. Adam Polansky


Afternoon tea


Ensuring you design vision is implemented. Nova Franklin and Karina Smith

Turning wireframes into polished visuals. Matt Morphett and Jack Hsu
4:15 The architecture of talent: How organisations transform. Alberta Soranzo

Release the cartoonists. David Blumenstein

Designing inspired style guides. Andy Clarke

Friday 11 August

  Ballroom B Ballroom A

Designing with words: creating conversational experiences. Grant Klein

Living design. Andy Polaine
9:45 Chatter bots: Content strategy for the conversational interface. Elena Ontiveros

Design for the learning experience. Dorian Peters

Designing for vulnerable children. Gerry Scullion

10:30 Morning tea  

Flinders Street Station: A journey to implementing UX in wayfinding and customer information. Carolina Gaitan

With great power comes great responsibility: A quest to consciously do good. Ash Donaldson

Prototyping in a live environment. Sophie Lloyd

When digital meets physical: UX of signage. Inna Fourer

The search for consistency in seemingly irrational behaviour. Elise Margetts

No more stork babies: Integrating UX research and content creation. Matt Fenwick

12:30 Lunch  

10-minute talks:

10-minute talks:

2:15 Bad design is bad for your health: Why data visualization details matter. Jody Butts

How design thinking created an entirely new way to buy and sell cars. Andy Howard

Uncovering the complexities of designing for major events. Warwick Bracken and Florian Nachreiner


Putting customers on the radar: Fopcusing on customers to drive value and impact. Jenny Hunter and Rebecca Harvey

The autistic UXer: Designing with and for a different kind of mind. Ashlea McKay

Shaping signals: Preparing for the future through speculative design. Phil Balagtas
3:45 Afternoon tea  

Are we using design to make the world a less valuable place?. Michael Palmyre


Closing keynote. Mike Monteiro