Release the cartoonists

IAG is Australia's largest general insurer. Luke Watson and myself are both cartoonists; we were hired as part of the formation of IAG's Labs division. Our roles encompass strategic visualisation, assistance of all parts of the business with design assets and workshops, sketching and prototyping, CX research and service design.

As relative newcomers to the corporate environment, we're concentrating on projects which use visuals to reframe old conversations and start entirely new ones. We're developing our roles to employ our natural cartoonist instincts for honesty and plain-speaking (my wife describes me as "a comics journalist in an insurance company").

We'll tell you about how we're using humour to short-circuit communication in a corporate setting, true stories to allow for greater understanding and visuals to cut out jargon. Plus: find out what happens when you use the word "engaged" in our presence!

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