Designing self-service experiences

Yes, there is growing evidence that people are warming up to and prefer self-service to assisted service options. But this does not mean that you can throw a bunch of FAQs on the 'Support' page and expect call centre volumes to go down. Self-service is a distinct genre with its set of quirks and requirements that once mastered can work wonders such as improve customer loyalty, raise brand awareness and yes, lower contact centre costs.

I this presentation I will share 5 principles to design effective self-service experiences:

  • Focus on the customer
  • Aim to resolve effortlessly
  • Mirror demand efficiently
  • Don’t have closed doors
  • Keep improving

These principles involve making choices in content strategy, search strategy, usability and measurements.

I will share ample examples and screenshots to support each principle so that at the end of the presentation you have clear steps you can take to improve your company's self-service offerings. Don't offer self-service options? This presentation can help you make a strong business case to your boss to have one.

Presentation audio