Designing for altitude: Collaborative solutions for the airline industry

GE’s Industrial Internet (aka the Internet of Big Things) is quickly becoming one of the most talked about digital transformations of the Industrial world. Within their Aviation arm—best known for producing many of the commercial jet engines you fly on today—a small team has begun looking for new opportunities within airlines to build new software solutions to take advantage of the massive amounts of data coming from their aircrafts. However, this is no simple task. Airlines still struggle to adopt new technologies and scrape by for profit due to high operational costs and fluctuating fuel prices. Phil Balagtas, Design Director for GE Aviation Digital Solutions, will walk us through the challenges of working with airlines and seeking the right problem to solve for to deliver value and impact for customers and the business, designing products to evolve and scale, working with multidisciplinary teams and balancing roles for strategy and research, the gotchas and ahas of having to move quickly and think on your feet, and the overall challenges of evangelizing Design Thinking within a large corporation and amongst stakeholders unfamiliar with the process.