UX careers: Everything you need to know

UX skills are in such high demand in Australia that it has become almost frenzied! Along with an influx of new UX course graduates hitting the streets, it has become somewhat of a jungle out there for anyone in UX to work out what do about their careers, whether that be starting out, moving into contracting or looking for a step up.

This will be a highly interactive session that provides a unique opportunity to learn about navigating careers in UX and its peripheries, by gauging insights from a highly relevant panel of seasoned professionals with a combination of knowledge and experience, all unique to careers in UX:

  • A UX Hiring Manager from a large enterprise: Larissa Azevedo, Commbank
  • A High Achieving Senior UXer: Jeni Oye, CXC The Customer Experience Company
  • A Recruitment Agent, UX: Hollie Colbert, Sustain Digital
  • A Talent Acquisition Manager, UX: Elizabeth Enders, Envato
  • A long-time freelancer and consultant: Debora Deitel – Head of Design Research at Ansarada
  • A long-time freelancer and consultant: Katja Forbes, Founder & MD at syfte

For the microphone-shy among us, we are using the ‘Poll Everywhere’ tool so you can simply log into on your mobile and start interacting with the panel without the need to put your hand up.
Some of the topics that will be covered in this session will be:

  • Transitioning into a career in UX from another discipline
  • What to take to an interview
  • The need for resume and portfolios and what they should consist of
  • Freelance vs permanent job
  • Getting experience overseas
  • Advancing your career
  • Specialise vs generalise
  • Navigating your job search
  • Which types of companies to aim for

So bring your note pad and all your gnarliest questions!

Presentation audio