From user to global: A spectrum of experiences

The user has been the champion of our professional community. User experience and user-centered design place a laser-like focus on ensuring all of the needs and desires of the user are met. Yet at best, this is only one side of a multi-faceted universe of experience. Experiences happen among groups of people and across cultures. With the advent of the “Internet of Things,” experience may even go beyond the realm of humans. Focusing on experiences just from users overlooks these many experiences that can be captured, studied, and improved. Let’s discuss what the experiences beyond the scope of a user are and how we can capture, study, and improve them.

Take aways:

  • Discover a full spectrum of experiences from the perspective of organizations, cultures, or an internet-enabled agent such as a self-driving car.
  • Discuss how do we as UX professionals approach research and design for these experiences.
  • Discover some of the artifacts and deliverables we can produce that can provide high impact to designs.

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Sketchnotes by Justin Cheong
From user to global: A spectrum of experiences - Ren Pope