To design or consult, that is the question

Have you ever been called in to redesign a website or design a service, and you get half-way through the project and hit was feels like a very uncomfortable brick wall? With all the user research insights in-hand it became clear as day what an awesome and appropriate experience could look like, and then… a stakeholder claims it’s simply impossible to provide a certain function, or insists that the content must conform to the business structure, or something equally dumbfounding. Perhaps you felt like screaming “I can’t fix your website if you don’t fix your business!!” or “I can’t make your service delightful if you don’t care more about your customers than yourself!!”?

It’s often far easier to design a great experience than to implement it. This is because our clients often have complexities and limitations within their business that make it difficult to marry what users or customers need to the parts of the business from which it must come. Inevitably the experience designer faces a decision – to forget about the great experience and find a way to just get to the end of the project, or… what? What other options are there? In this talk we’ll explore the root causes for such roadblocks and some tried and proven options for overcoming them – that is, for becoming a catalyst to changes within your client’s business that can only result in better experiences for users and customers, and thereby ultimately success for your client.

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