Magic moments: Video and the power of narrative to develop product

What if emotional design came before form and function? As User Experience Professionals we want to create experiences that are engaging and inspiring, as well as functional.

While feature lists and mock flows bring us usable products, we need other tools to show how a product can be more than the sum of its parts. With the aim of illustrating holistic, delightful experiences we employed the techniques of film-makers – script writing, storyboarding, and video editing – to tell our product story. In this process we brought a new methodology to YouTube UX: Vision Videos for product development.

We’ll take you through our complete “Magic Moments” Sprint methodology. We’ll share methods of research, narrative writing, concept identification and testing, and final film development from storyboarding, to shooting, editing and utilizing motion effects. With a camera and a little creativity you too can make a compelling product story in as little as a week.

We will also cover how Vision Videos can be used more widely within your organization by product, engineering and business leaders to develop use cases, win support and increase positive product outcomes.

Presented by a multidisciplinary team of designers and researchers from YouTube, including Head of UX Research Laura Naylor, UX Lead for Living Room Cliff Curry and UX Designer Will Bates.


Sketchnotes by Justin Cheong