Insights and interviews: Setting the stage for great design

When a new project is kicked off, it’s tempting to immediately start solving the problem, designing the solution and delivering results. Don’t. Take a step back. Research the problem space - the industry, line of business, the client company, the end user, the support team, etc. Identify the project stakeholders - both internal and external - and spend time with them. Interview them. Find out what they care about and why. Identify the pigs and the chickens – those who have a vested stake in the project and the outcome and those who don’t. You’ll find the overall value to the project and the outcomes is immense.

This talk will introduce the concept and value of stakeholder interviews and will include tips for framing questions, organizing interviews, gathering insights and establishing rapport. It will also include a hand-out with a basic set of starter questions as well as tips for documenting and capturing the interview content.

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