EdiPulse: Where exercise and chocolate go hand in hand

A common perception about exercise and chocolate is that they do not gel together. A healthy body should do regular exercise and should not indulge in sweet temptations like chocolate. I break this perception by presenting a provocative system called EdiPulse. EdiPulse turns self-monitored data from a physical activity into 3D printed chocolate treats. These treats come in variety of form and offer a playful enjoyable reflection on one’s data and active life. As such, this work underscores two related emerging fields of interest: quantified self and food printing and blends them together to create a seamless experience. In this talk, I will take you through a journey from ‘Sweat’ to ‘Sweet’ and offer insights on designing playful experiences around food and through exciting new technologies like food printing to support the experience of being physically active.

Presentation audio