Designing for life-changing impact: From bottled water to ending world poverty

Perhaps you’ve bought a bottle of Thankyou water from 7-eleven? Or grabbed a Thankyou body wash from the supermarket shelves at Woolworths? 100% of the profits from their products goes towards ending global poverty, by funding safe water, food and hygiene and sanitation services around the world. How does Thankyou prove their impact?

“Track Your Impact” is Thankyou’s unique system which lets you see exactly which project your product is helping to fund. Your journey starts picking up a product from the shops, then via the Internet to a far-away country like Haiti, where you can track your product to a specific village, and continue onto social media and email. This customer experience is only made possible by a multitude of online and offline operations including field partners on the ground, product suppliers, the Creative and Impact teams at Thankyou’s head office, the TYI back-end management system and the ground-breaking website redesigned by digital agency Yump.

Co-presented by Thankyou and Yump, we will discuss the challenges of designing an experience that hasn’t been done before, that sounds “cool” but is difficult to understand for the consumer. We will share our design process and methodology, including the research and insights that have informed our decisions. Most importantly, we will discuss our learnings and how they can help other UX or CX practitioners who are designing for social impact.

Presentation audio