A journey from building products right to building the right products

How do you create a User Centred Design culture when the user doesn't even get a mention at the table? Two years ago, I made a bold career move - moving from Australia's largest UX consultancy (Stamford Interactive) where everybody was a UXer to a consultancy where UX was someone else's remit and the UX community hadn't heard or couldn't even pronounce the company's name (DiUS). My goal was to help DiUS not just build products right, but to build the right products.

In this talk I'll share my last two years at DiUS and discuss how I've tried to shift the focus from 'tech stack' conversations to conversations that talks about human centred design, design thinking, end users and customers.

It hasn't been all smooth sailing. So I'll share my approach and strategy, and delve into what has worked and what hasn't.

And as always, I'll engage the audience using some live online polling tools.

Presentation audio