Agile UX and waterfall enterprises: A love story

You’ve got a crack team, they're agile, work is getting done and everything is right in the world. If only the rest of the organisation understood how and why you work the wonderful way you do...

In enterprise organisations it's not always possible for everyone to work under one methodology as real world factors that require a high level of forward planning are often not best serviced by a highly lean or agile process.

So how do agile teams work alongside non-agile business units?

This talk focuses creating a process for engaging with non-agile business units and stakeholders in order to get the required input agile teams and projects need to be effective. 

Drawing on experience gained from real-world, large scale projects which have used these techniques to navigate challenges, the following topics will be addressed:

  • Engaging with the waterfall stakeholders
  • When and how to run UX processes in tandem with your agile sprint
  • Understanding stumbling blocks when involving the non-agile
  • Creating a User Centred Design (UCD)/UX process that feeds your backlog

Presentation audio