Sponsor opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities for UX Australia 2015

Join us as a sponsor for UX Australia 2015! Sponsors are an important and visible part of the conference, contributing actively to the overall event. UX Australia is different to most conferences, and the way we do sponsorship is no exception. We don't let you just tell people that you are awesome - we expect you to prove it by the way you get involved at the conference. Boring sponsor tables and lame inclusions in the conference bags just don't impress our audience. But activities, games & creativity are appreciated; as are providing great coffee, drinks and good quality pens & markers. There are lots of opportunities for promotion and interaction – in the lead-up to the conference via our newsletters and marketing; and at the conference itself where there will be 600 or so super-smart UX folks. Like many conferences, we have various levels of sponsorship with increasing promotion and interaction opportunities as your contribution goes up. We start with a base price for each level, and you can add extras – this means you can figure out the best way for you to be involved. We're pretty flexible though – get in touch and we can figure out a package that works for you.
Platinum Closing party Gold Silver Supporter
Base $20000 $10000 $6000 $2500 $500
Website Entry on sponsor page, Logo on conference home page and sidebars Entry on sponsor page, Logo in sidebars (not home page) Entry on sponsor page, Logo in sidebars (not home page) Entry on sponsor page Entry on sponsor page
Booklet Full page ad, facing page 1/2 page ad 1/2 page ad 1/4 page ad Logo
Promotion if you arrange a related event Included Included Included Included
Newsletter Announcement Announcement Announcement Announcement
Attendee email Thank you in all attendee emails (4+) 2 thank you (before & after) 2 thank you (before & after) 1 thank you (before)
Swag in conference bag Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standard booth space (about 3m x 3m) $1000
Large booth space (about 5m x 5m) Included Included $1500
Provider of barista coffee Option $750/day
Party catering Sponsor of opening party Sponsor of closing party
Banner at registration desk or conference room Included (both locations) Option $500
Logo on screen Included (half time) Included (around 1/4 of the time) Included (around 1/4 of the time) $500
Booth passes 2 1
Conference passes 4 (additional passes at early-bird rate) 2 (additional passes at early-bird rate) 1 (additional passes at early-bird rate)
Logo on lanyards Included
Note Select one of the options above

For all sponsor levels

No sponsor automatically receives the right to present at the conference; though any sponsor may propose a presentation via the normal call for proposals and review process. Sponsors may also be involved in reviewing proposals process for the conference. All demonstration/display spaces must be interactive - a demonstration, game or something fun. Standing behind a table handing out flyers is not very effective and we know that sponsors who do this don't get anything out of their sponsorship. Although we will be providing a conference bag for attendees, we will not be accepting flyers, brochures, bookmarks and other printed promotional material; or wasteful/non-useful promotional items. We’ve watched it, we’ve done it – people simply pull them out and throw them away and rarely look at them. It’s a big waste of resource and we’re not going to continue it. We will, however, accept materials that people will genuinely use and like.

Get in touch

If you're interested in getting involved, please email steve@uxaustralia.com.au.