Sarah Lloyd

Sarah has been working at the front end of mainstream User experience design, where innovation meets mass-market appeal for over eight years. She’s passionate about the application of design to influence positive change and improve the quality of experience for everyone, everywhere.

Part of the strategic design team at S&C, Sarah helps organisations develop new human centred design-led capabilities and co-creates with clients to develop differentiated solutions for their customers through extensive prototyping. As a strong conceptual thinker, Sarah embraces the ambiguous nature of design to make concepts tangible and bring clarity to the complex challenges our clients face.

She brings a range of experience across product and experience design for companies in health, manufacturing, banking and media across Europe and Australia. Prior to S&C, Sarah worked at the inaugural Roca Innovation Lab as a lead concept designer, creating award winning innovative products for the Roca Group such as the W+W grey water system and Inflow, re-thinking the philosophy of wellness for improved sustainability and user experience.

Sarah is also an accomplished artist, and her work has been exhibited in a number of galleries in Europe, the UK, Sweden and Spain.