Ruth Ellison

Ruth Ellison is passionate about all things UX. She is an experienced UX practitioner, with over 12 years in the design field (back when it was user-centred design, with a healthy dose of Human Factors). She’s a Principal UX Designer at PwC’s Stamford Interactive and she’s fascinated about the interaction between digital and physical worlds. She has undertaken numerous research and design pieces over the past 12 years for private sector and government clients, and has loved every single one of them.

In her spare time, Ruth makes science based jewellery with lasers, plays around with 3D printers and wearable computing and helps to organise events like BarCamp Canberra, TEDxCanberra and Web Accessibility and Inclusive Design Meetup. She loves good inclusive design and robots.

Presenting at UX Australia 2014:
Running a kick ass interview