Donna Spencer

Donna is a designer. She designs three different kinds of things: digital experiences, conferences and clothing.

As a user experience consultant, Donna designs websites, web applications and mobile apps. She has worked with a wide range of client types, including government, telecommunications, insurance, retail, not-for-profit, higher education and many more. In a UX career of over 14 years, Donna has written three books: on information architecture, card sorting and writing for the web. Donna regularly teaches workshops, mentors startups, writes articles for online magazines, and is a technical editor for Smashing Magazine. Recognised internationally as a leading UX practitioner, she is also in demand as a judge for leading web and design awards.

As a conference designer, Donna co-organises and runs UX Australia, a successful user experience conference that started in 2009. Good conferences are very carefully designed. Donna selects topics for presentations, combines them into a coherent flow, seamlessly integrates ways for people to interact and learn from each other, and figures out how to make them work in physical space. Over the last five years, the conference has grown from strength to strength and now consists of two single-day and two multi-day conferences every year.

But throughout her career, all she really wanted to do was work with fabric. She has been sewing since she was a child, and weaving for about 16 years. Donna recently decided to study Fashion Design and see where this takes her – it could be freelance fashion design or costume design for theatre or film. No matter what, it’s going to be an interesting journey, and she’ll finally learn to draw!

On twitter, Donna is @maadonna

Presenting at UX Australia 2014:
Introduction to user experience design