Kelsey Schwenk

Through her work with Destination ImagiNation* over the last 20+ years (yes, you read that correctly), Kelsey Schwenk learned not only how to be a good team member, but how to teach those skills to others. As a volunteer for the program, she’s led workshops, written curriculum used across the world, and helped organize tournaments for up to 7,000 kids that teach teamwork and creative process, from imagination to innovation. Her normal audience is 5-year-olds, but the basic principles of teamwork apply across all ages. She is constantly surprised at how much kids know already and how little adults do.

Currently, Kelsey works as a Senior Digital Strategist for Flint Interactive in Melbourne. Prior to Australia, she was based in New York, where she worked for digital agencies Huge and Frog Design. Her roles focused on developing digital, social, and marketing solutions that integrate brand planning, user experience, and business strategy to achieve client goals. She is now also putting those skills to practice though her new travel-related startup, Atlasa (

Kelsey holds a degree in Decision Processes from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

On Twitter, she goes by @Amarakana

And you can learn more about her background on LinkedIn here:

*Destination ImagiNation is a non-profit educational organization that works with over 1M children worldwide, teaching them creative problem-solving and teamwork skills through healthy competition. More info on them can be found at: