Joe Sokohl

For more than 19 years, Joe Sokohl has concentrated on crafting excellent user experiences by using information architecture, interaction design, and user research. His academic background in literature and langauges helped frame his attention to the needs, desires, and visions of people as people. Currently the principal and UX architect forRegular Joe Consulting, LLC, in Richmond, VA,Joe’s UX-oriented work has taken him to companies based in Boston, MA; Hamburg, Germany; Richmond, VA; Chicago, IL; and Durham, NC.

His involvement in the wider UX community comes out in writings, presentations, and involvement. He’s been published in the SIGCHI newsletter,, and STC’s Intercom. He has presented at the European Information Design Conference, the Society for Technical Communication’s international conference, the Information Architecture Summit, and Agile, as well as regional events such as the DC IA IxD ReDux ’09. He is a cofounder of RUX (, a loose organization of anyone interested in things oriented to people interacting with (mostly digital) stuff.

Oh, and he’s been a columnist, soldier, cook, radio DJ, blues road manager, and reporter once upon a time. His passion for motorcycling means he’ll probably show up at a conference or a client call on his Moto Guzzi Norge.