Jason Furnell

design thinker . experience designer . lo-fi sketcher . workshop facilitator . visual thinker . diagrammer . agile believer . multidisciplinary collaborator . incrementing and iterating . architecting information . presenting and pitching . master of design (its a degree, not a self assigned title) . dyslexic . misspell-er of many many many things…

With 15 years proven experience in the implementation of business strategy through design, Jason is expert in bridging the gap between the business, marketing & technology teams.

Leading an Agile Design process that drives technology solutions towards rich and useful customer experiences he prides himself on delivering application designs that effortlessly shoulder the weight of functional complexity in simple and engaging ways.

He brings with him a wealth of experience in mobile and web Experience Design, Interface Design and Interaction Design with a demonstrated ability in managing the design process from concept to delivery.

Over the last 5 years Jason has embraced workshop based design facilitation and multidisciplinary collaborative design methods – vital for setting up new projects for success in a fast moving agile environments, while ensuring shared understanding, buy-in and ownership of new initiatives across the entire product and delivery team.

Presenting at UX Australia 2011:
Agile, design thinking and you…