Designs that ship: New tools for ensuring your UX work reaches its audience

Designing an experience that supports users’ motivations and goals is challenging enough, but it is far from all that is required in order to deliver a successful solution. The greater challenge for UX practitioners lies in positioning your work and your deliverables so that the organisation is able to implement the bulk of the recommendations and designs contained therein. Dumping a design and running, is not good enough. We must design solutions that will be implemented.

The key is designing with consideration of the business drivers and the motivations of technologists responsible for bringing your designs to fruition. Actively engaging technologists and business owners throughout the work turns your deliverables from “Recommendations” to “Specifications”.

In this talk, Matt Morphett of Amberdew presents a method for mapping out the specific motivations of three competing forces within your IT-based project and working with them as you undertake user experience design. Paper based tools are manipulated by representatives from each area in a group environment to negotiate the tradeoffs and compromises inherent in complex IT projects. The tools support structured decision making at all levels from the strategic intent of the project to “Can we update those drop-downs without a screen refresh?” The result is a usable and engaging design that meets business needs and will not be shouted down by cries of “Not technically possible”.

Electronic copies of the tools and templates will be made available to conference delegates.

Presentation audio