Presentation & Speakers

The program for UX Australia is made up of two parts – a day of pre-conference workshops and 2 days of main conference presentations.

26 August 2009: Pre-conference workshops

Four pre-conference workshops:

  • Half-day (morning 26 Aug): Interaction design studio. Shane Morris
  • Half-day (afternoon 26 Aug): Scribble your way to success! Matt Balara
  • Full day: The Usability Kit workshop. Daniel Szuc & Gerry Gaffney
  • Full day: Research methods for user experience design. Patrick Kennedy

Pre-conference workshops are priced separately (additional to) to the main conference.

Full day workshops will run 9am-5pm (with morning, lunch & afternoon breaks). Half-day workshops will run 9am-12.30 and 1.30-5pm.

27-28 August 2009: Main conference presentations

The main conference is made up of 23 presentations on a wide range of user experience topics.

Start and end times will be:

  • Thursday 27 August: 9am-5.45pm
  • Friday 28 August: 9am-5.45pm


Of course, the social program is one of the most important aspects of any conference. We are planning this now.

Booking flights

When you are planning your flights, please note that Canberra airport often gets closed due to fog in winter. It’s not particularly common in August, but can still happen. It is always safer to come in the night before.

Lines for taxis can also be long at the airport in the mornings, so allow up to 30mins to wait and 30mins to get to the venue. If you are leaving Friday night, allow 45mins to get a taxi to the airport.

How the program was developed

The conference program for UX Australia 2009 was based on community input, with a call for proposals and community review. All proposals were reviewed by at least 6 people, and the organising committee used the reviews to guide the selection of proposals. We didn’t just take the top scoring presentations – we select for a balance between practical and inspiring and coverage of a good range of topics.