The conference venue is Hotel Realm, a new 5-star hotel in Barton. The location is close to Parliament House and is within walking distance of a range of good restaurants and accommodation.


Some parking is available at the hotel. Free parking is also available in car-parks around the area. We’ll provide more details closer to the conference date, including the best car parks and an indication of how early you need to get in to park in each.

Getting there & away

The hotel is only 15 minutes drive from the airport. However, if you are coming in early in the morning, leave extra time (maybe 20 minutes) to get a taxi and extra for traffic. If you are leaving on Friday afternoon, it could take 40 minutes to get to the airport.

Another factor at that time of year is the weather. Canberra airport can be closed due to fog any time between June and August. You’d be safer coming in the night before – you don’t want to miss the start of your workshop or the keynote because of fog!