Workshop Proposals

Proposals for UX Australia 2019 open on 1 February 2019.

Hands-on workshops for UX Australia will be held on 27 & 28 August 2019 (that's the two days before the main conference). There will be around 4 workshops running at once, and attendees register and pay for each individual workshop (i.e. it's not like some conferences where you buy a generic workshop ticket and choose on the day).

You may submit more than one proposal.

Workshop style

Hands-on workshops are for learning practical skills or exploring a topic in detail. Active audience participation is a core part of the workshop.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a range of workshops - for people new to UX (or people involved in UX but not doing it); for very experienced UX professionals; and new/emerging techniques.

Submitting a proposal

All proposals must be submitted via the UX Australia proposal system

The deadline is midnight AEST 17 March 2019, and there won't be extensions. No extensions and no excuses. 

In the submission form you will need to include:

  • Your personal details – name, organisation (if relevant) and a short bio
  • Names of any presenters other than you
  • A long description of your pre-conference workshop, to sell the idea to us
  • A short description for the website

You must also include (as an attachment) information on:

  • Length (full or half day)
  • What people will learn
  • Why this should be a hands-on workshop instead of a conference talk
  • Detailed schedule
  • Description of activities, or otherwise how people will engage
  • What take-away material you will provide to attendees
  • Target audience
  • Special requirements (e.g equipment and room set-up)
  • Your experience teaching this workshop

We have booked rooms that will take up to 40 participants, and won't accept proposals with lower maximum attendance (that doesn't guarantee that we will sell 40 tickets, but you can't say 'this workshop is only for 10 people').

Workshop selection

We'll review all the workshops and will choose a set that has a range of topics, for a range of audiences, that we know we'll be able to sell tickets to. We'll get back to you in mid-April.

Workshop presenter benefits

Successful workshop presenters are paid for teaching. Our normal approach is to split the profit (50/50) after your expenses (travel & accommodation) and ours (room hire, AV hire, catering, printing). This approach is negotiable – you may suggest an alternative arrangement such as a flat fee. If a workshop does not achieve minimum registrations required to cover costs, it will be cancelled and attendees offered a refund or a place in another workshop.