Sponsor opportunities

We have opportunities for sponsorship for Service Design 2016.

Sponsorship for this conference is simple – a single level – to make it easy for you to get involved.

Sponsor benefits

The basic approach for sponsorship is as follows, but we are flexible about how you may be involved.

Each sponsor may choose one of the following options:

  • Small stand at the conference, in the area where breaks and lunch will be held
  • Named as sponsor of post-conference drinks
  • Supply of branded conference bags (small bags only) or pencil cases
  • Supply of branded lanyards
  • Sponsorship of barista coffee

All sponsors recieve:

  • New sponsor announcement in the news section of the UX Australia website
  • Mention as a sponsor in key emails to attendees
  • Logo, business name and description on the conference website
  • Option to provide give-aways to conference attendees
  • One free conference pass

Expected contribution: $A2,500

About the conference and attendees

The conference attendees are likely to be current service designers, managers of service designers or service design products, user experience designers and people in similar roles. We anticipate attendance to be 120-150, but it could be more.


If you choose to supply conference bags, pencil cases, lanyards (or an equivalent item that we agree on) we will make the arrangements for their purchase. We will also make arrangements for coffee and post-conference drinks. The cost of these is within the sponsor amount, not in addition to it.

No sponsor automatically receives the right to present at the conference.

Although we will be providing a conference pack for attendees, we do not accepting flyers, brochures, bookmarks and other printed promotional material to go in these packs. We also do not accept non-useful promotional materials (like stress balls) People simply pull them out and throw them away and rarely look at them - it’s just a big waste of resource. We do, however, accept branded materials that people will genuinely use and like.