Rapid service prototyping

Date and time

22 November 2016. 9am - 5pm


Nothing makes a bigger difference to getting a service right than making it tangible early in the design process.

You don’t need a warehouse full of foamcore or amazing sketching skills to quickly prototype services with your clients and users. This workshop teaches rapid paper prototyping methods for service codesign. These tools lets you work with people to understand current service experiences and explore new service futures.

Working on a concrete service model together with customers, frontline staff, or executives helps you throughout the design process. You can:

  • discover the experience and perception of current services,
  • make asking “what if” as easy as moving a piece of paper,
  • fuel other service design artifacts such as experience maps, blueprints, and richer prototypes.
  • and build shared understanding, vision, and buy-in with your team and stakeholders,

In this hands-on workshop, you will take away:

  • Fun, hands-on experience with service prototyping.
  • How to run a service prototyping workshop of your own.
  • How to integrate rapid service prototyping with your overall design process.

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning about service design and innovation. Please bring a notebook and pen and your sense of humour and curiosity.